artificial intelligence

Look here for an example of artificial intelligence.

It would be best to follow that link before continuing to read. It is an example of how the computer can read your mind. In fact that is not really intelligence, but rather… impossible.

First play, then read on…

This is a simple example which shows that magic tricks have more to do with diversion and misleading you than with actual magic.

You, as a player, have the impression that the computer can guess the number you started from, a choice of no less than 100 numbers. And it always guesses right, unbelievable.

In reality it is all rather simple. There is a large regularity in the numbers you end up with. For example, all number between 90 and 99 will map to the symbol next to 81. For the numbers between 80 and 89, when you subtract the digits, you end up with 72… So in reality, there are only 9 possible results for the calculation. These nine numbers by coincidence always have the same symbol next to them in the table.

Maybe you should try the game again. You will see that the result is always the same as the symbol which is next to to 0. To make sure the player does not immediately get the trick, the symbol is changed with each attempt and all the other numbers get a random symbol.

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