GWT: 0 to 60mph in no time, Chris Ramsdale

JBossWorld Boston notes, GWT: 0 to 60mph in no time, Chris Ramsdale

From 25000ft
– toolkit, not fframework
– code in java, run as JavaScript
– one codebase, any browser
– makes AJAX a pice of cake and faster
– used in many Google projects like Google Wave and AdWords

– SDK, compiler, generator
– eclipse plug-in
– speed tracer

Focus on users
– Our users, Developers
— leverage existing IDEs and tools
— minimize refresh time between code changes
— automate where possible
– Your users, Customers
— minimize startup time
— make it a comfortable experience
— allow them to select the browser

Java to JavaScript compiler, right?
– compiling to JavaScript instead of compiling to Assembler?
– You can pretty print if needed

From code to deployment

– provide power behind your GWT app

Ajax helper

Creating UIs

– utilize common devevelopment practices
– minimize boilerplate code
– remove a few frustrations along the way

uiBinder XML with

– different ways of loading the JavaScript

Use “-gen” to display the generated code

Tips and tricks
– Reduce optimizations, reduce compile time
— -draftCompile : skip all optimizations, development only

Optimize for user
– bundle resources
– split code

interface Bla extends ClientBundle {
    public ContactCss contextCss()

    public ClientImage contextImage()

insert runAsync for code splitting

void onOkClicked(ClickEvent event) {
    GWT.runAsync(new RunAsyncCallback() {
        public void onSuccess() {

“direct” approach
Write a bunch of widgets with self-contained logic
– hard to test – need GWTTestCase
– mocks not encouraged – harder to write smaller tests
– platform specific UI code – limits code reuse
– Too any dependencies, difficult to optimize

MVP approach
– model – DTOs and business logic
– View – the display
– Presenter – application logic
– be practical
– avoid rigid patters
– put complex login in presenters

– C = view contains event logic
– P = render logic + event logic, separate view

You only have to test the model and presenter, rest is GWT itself and tested by Google 🙂

Technology interoperability
– Seam

Making the cloud a reality

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