JBossWorld Boston wrap-up

Wow, it was very interesting conference. I saw some very interesting sessions, learned a lot and am going home with a lot of fresh ideas of things I want to do or try in the future.

I have published notes for some sessions in earlier posts, but some of the things I will remember include

  • I should have a closer look at Arquillian, which will help a lot for building in-container tests, making them easier to set-up and understand, and faster to run.
  • The mod_cluster demo was exhilarating. Not just because it was the functioning of mod_cluster (which is really nice), but mostly because of the demonstration of adding new Amazon EC2 and Rackspace cloud server in minutes and combining them in one cluster.
  • Infinispan is way cool. It has so many configuration possibilities which enable it’s use in many scenarios. Starting from having a simple cache which can grow to a powerful cluster, to enabling it to be used as NoSQL database.
  • The new enterprise portal platform (EPP) seems to be interesting. I am somewhat cautious about portals and portlets, but thay can be very useful in certain cases and I really would like to have a closer look at JBoss portal 5.
  • Last days are often a bit lower quality, but this time, it ended with a bang. Only two sessions, but both the maven and GWT sessions were interesting and very helpful. I am sure these will influence the future of Geomajas.

One things I could not resist doing all the time is comparing the RedHat/JBossWorld conference with devoxx. devoxx rocks.

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