Geomajas 1.7.1 released

The Geomajas community has released Geomajas 1.7.1.

The major goal for the release was the introduction of the plug-in system where installed plug-ins are automatically discovered and can extend the application context, overwrite or extend services,… The plug-ins can also specify their dependencies and Geomajas checks that dependent plug-ins are available and have a compatible API.

This change allows all plug-ins to have independent release cycle, which should easy the release process and allow more frequent releases.

The most important improvements include:

– API contract check is now done automatically
– assure only free sample data is used
– include license info in all jars, assure all modules also have source and javadoc on deploy
– improved documentation (and split-up per plug-in)
– snapshot builds are now available from
– assure copyright/license information for dependencies is included

– provide mechanism for plug-ins to contribute to the Geomajas context and provide information about themselves and the dependencies
– upgrade to GeoTools 2.6.3 and some other libaries to more recent versions
– allow pipelines to be extended
– allow all scale related configuration options to us 1:x notation
– allow EPSG codes to be added
– provide dispatcher servlet, a mechanism to add servlet endpoints through spring configuration

GWT face 1.7.1
– possibility to have a default or fallback controller on the map
– scroll zoom now considers mouse position
– introduction of a abstract CircleController
– add a zoom to rectangle option to the map’s navigation addon
– add double click possibility to the pan controller, so that it is able to zoom in by double clicking
– improvements in GWT archetype

Plug-in versions are now :
project 1.7.1
back-end 1.7.1
GWT face 1.7.1
WMS layer 1.7.1
Geotools layer 1.7.1
Hibernate layer 1.7.2
OpenStreetMap layer 1.7.1
Google layer 1.7.1
staticsecurity plug-in 1.7.1
dojo face 1.5.7
– geomajas-dep 1.10.32

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