Real-time position analysis during soccer matches

At the FOSS4G conference in Barcelona there was one presentation which was different. One talk were no map was displayed. This talk was about sports and how GIS can be used without a map.

The session discussed the use of GIS software to record and playback soccer matches. By integrating GPS receivers in heart-rate monitors worn by the players and also in the ball, and using patented hardware for high accuracy positions the exact position of ball and players can be recorded. This information is used for real-time checking of rules like goal, out, off-side. You can also use the data for match playback and match analysis (like how often a player was close to the ball, the distance run by players, etc.

You can view the slides at

Now I have to admit there is a map of course. It just is less noticable as it is small (covering only the playing field).

The software for the project is developed for HJB systems by DFC. The Geomajas framework was used for the application.


  1. balder says:

    I can tell you, it was fun building the POC for that 😀

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