xml myths

There are many myths about XML, some of them have a base of truth in them, but they are usually mostly hype, or generalizations about possible (or even preferable) use.

  • XML is a programming language
    I have already seen this on cv’s, which -frankly- is a bad move in my book. This is mostly hype, though there are many programming systems which use XML to embed (script) code, and there is also o:XML which really is a programming language.
  • XML based : no proprietary code to learn
    I read this one recently on a advertising presentation. While I would not claim this is entirely untrue, it is at least an exaggeration. XML only represents data. It does that this is a useful way which can be very easy to interpret. However, whether this really is the case depends on the choice of tag and attribute names. When the data is encoded in XML, it is possible to read and manipulate that data using standard libraries, but you will still need to write specific code or stylesheets.

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