Customizing the Geomajas login window

By default, the Geomajas staticdescurity plugin will display a login window like this:

Default Geomajas login window

Default Geomajas login window

This is displayed when a security token is needed or the current security token expires. The actual window is not directly manager by the client (this would require additional code). Instead, you just have to register a token request handler.

    new StaticSecurityTokenRequestHandler());

Customizing the login window from this handling would complicate things, so the layout is externalized. For the “Ktunaxa referrals” project this was customized like this:

SsecLayout.tokenRequestWindowLogo = "[ISOMORPHIC]/images/logoKtunaxaReferrals.png";
SsecLayout.tokenRequestWindowLogoWidth = "300";
SsecLayout.tokenRequestWindowLogoHeight = "120";
SsecLayout.tokenRequestWindowWidth = "400";
SsecLayout.tokenRequestWindowHeight = "240";

Externalizing like this makes it easier to have a consistent look and feel by using defined values instead of just inserting the value itself everywhere. The general Geomajas widget use the WidgetLayout for this purpose.

This time we changed the logo and the size of the login window. The end result is shown below.

Ktunaxa login window

Ktunaxa login window

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