Routing demo at FOSS4G Denver

A few of the Geomajas developers (Jan and Pieter) put their heads together to build a nice new demo for FOSS4G (Denver, September 2011).

Goal was to build an application which would run well on mobile devices and which shows the speed of Geomajas. The application allows you to either enter a location (using the geocoder plug-in) or start from the current location. You just indicate the destination on the map and the application displays the route on the fly.

Our chief-wizz (Dirk) recorded a sample.

The routing uses an experimental engine which was fed with the OpenStreetMap data for Denver.

Pieter did the work to make this run smoothly on mobile browsers. It will be available soon in the PureGWT Geomajas face. He tested on his Android phone. At the conference he gave a talk about this work and some people in the audience asked whether it would work on the iPad. “I don’t know”. A quick test proved it did, resulting in a big round of applause.


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