December BeJUG notes: Let’s make this test suite run faster

Let’s make this test suite run faster, David Gageot, @dgageot

Continuous testing: infinitest
run test automatically in the IDE when you make changes


build up to 4 modules in parallel
mvn -T4 clean install
but careful with tests with side effects!

surefire plugin : run tests in parallel
classes 2
but careful with tests with side effects!


delete useless tests

delete dead code (and remove the tests for that code)
use statistics to figure out which features are not used

work in a sandbox
– database is slow (e.g. use in memory H2 which is very similar MySQL)
– NoSQL: choose a server that runs in memory, eg Voldemort
– SMTP server: eg SubEtha SMTP
– file system: eg Apache VFS, Spring resource
do everything in memory, as a bonus it is easier to parallelize tests


5 minutes a day can make a difference

don’t test business rules in integration tests – do it in unit tests

Break longer integration test into a faster integration test and small unit tests

Mock the slowest layers, e.g. with Spring and Mockito spies
– in post processor, wrap beans with a spy

Don’t test through the browser, Selenium is often overkill

Action #0 Simplify and optimize your code

Part II : preferred testing techniques

MoreUnit eclipse plugin to switch between class and test
CTRL-Shift-T in Intellij to move to test

infinitest (both eclipse and IntelliJ)
automatically run tests which are impacted by a code change

junit max
like infinitest but runs all tests, sorts tests (failing most and faster tests first)

hamcrest to build more readable assertions
assertThat(“hello world”, is(equalsTo(Greeter.greating)));

FEST-assert to build even more readable assertions (better than hamcrest)

JUnit 4.10
@Theory, @DataPoint (nightmare)
@Rule : applied to all tests in class, can be changed during the test (in code)
@Category (beta)

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