Ktunaxa Referral Management System

The Ktunaxa RMS is an open source application which was built for the Ktunaxa Nation Counsil. This is a first nation which needs a referral management system for processing the referrals which are relevant for their territory.

Requests for any kind of project are typically submitted to the province or some other authority. When they notice that the project is relevant to the Ktunaxa territory, the request is passed on to the KNC for feedback. KNC will input the referral in the RMS. This will start a business process to guide the referral handling.

A referral always needs an initial assessment to determine how it will be processed. Some feedback may need to be given. In most cases an evaluation of the Ktunaxa values need to be done. This is a check whether the location of the referral does not impact the Ktunaxa land, for example in the area of cultural values (e.g. burial grounds) or ecology (endangered species). This is typically done using a spatial query.

Users can add comments and documents to a referral. When the assessment of the referral is done, the comments and documents which are marked will be included in the final report.

Users can choose the data which is displayed on the map. This includes the background layers which are displayed, which base or value layers and the selection of referrals. You can create a printable PDF with the current map view. You can measure distances on the map and view details of displayed objects.

Searching can be done on referrals and value objects. Queries can use a combination of attributes and geometry. You can search on geometry using the geometry of the current referral or draw the search area. In both cases, a buffer can be applied to increase the search region.

The project is open source using the AGPLv3 license. It can be found on GitHub.

The project is built using the Geomajas GIS application framework and uses many other open source projects including Activiti for the workflows, iText for generating PDF, JasperReports for the reporting, GeoTools and Hibernate spatial for spatial support, Alfresco as document store, PostGIS as database. Most of these are accessed using Geomajas plug-ins.

Below is a screen recording which shows some of the Ktunaxa RMS features.

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