install xen on Ubuntu feasty, amd64 server

To create a Ubuntu based xen installation, the following procedure can be used.

  • Install feisty server, base installation (select no typical machine).
  • Login to the server and add the following packages (either using “dselect” or “apt-get install”). Note that I also added the “joe” editor as this is my editor of choice.
  • Edit the file /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp, change the line which says “#(network-script network-dummy)” into “(network-script network-bridge)”.
  • Edit the file /etc/xen-tools/xen-tools.conf. This allows you to set the default settings for creating a new virtual server. You do not really have to change this, but it saves you typing all the parameters at the command line. I did the following
    • set “dir” to where you want to store your xen domains
    • uncomment the “debootstrap” line, this indicates that the kernel is installed in the new domains using debootstrap
    • edit the default disk and memory size options
    • set the distribution to use, I set this to “dist = dapper”. Unfortunately a feasty option does not seem to exist at this moment.
    • I edited the gateway and netmask settings as I want t use fixed IP addresses
    • uncomment the “accounts = 1” line or you will not be able to login. This will copy the accounts from dom0 to the newly created domain.
    • uncomment the ubuntu mirror
  • Now you can create a new domain using “xen-create-image –hostname your-preferred-hostname –ip=your-preferred-ip-address“.
  • To make sure the domain is added in xen, type “xm create /etc/xen/your-preferred-hostname.cfg”.
  • You can now see which domeins are running by typing “xm list”.
  • To assure the domain is started when the system reboots type “ln -s /etc/xen/your-preferred-hostname.cfg /etc/xen/auto”.

You should now be able to connect to the newly created domain using ssh.

This page helped me a lot to get this set up…

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