install firebird 2.0.2 on Ubuntu dapper amd64

I have been a big fan of the Firebird database for a while now. It is a fast, reliable and maintenance free database which suits my needs. While it is very good at a couple of things, one of the features that I like is the fact that the entire database is stored in one file. In principle this is not important, but it is pretty clean and can be very useful.

Unfortunately though, there are no Ubuntu (or Debian) packages to easily install Firebird 2. There is the deceptively called “firebird2” package, but this actually contains v1.5. With all the improvements which have made it to v2 (notable for me, speed increases, better indexes and index use and improved unicode support, 64 bit support) I really want to be using the latest version, so…

If you go to the the official site, you can download the version you want in tar.gz format. For me that was the superserver for amd64 variant.

When you have this in your current directory, as root you can do the following. You will have to replace using the correct file/version you downloaded and at some point the system will ask the database administrator password.

apt-get install libstdc++5
tar -xzvf FirebirdSS-
cd FirebirdSS-
< database administrator password is asked here >
mkdir /data/firebird
chown firebird:firebird /data/firebird

You need to add the libstdc++ library as this is a firebird dependency which may not be available. I also created a “/data/firebird” directory to put the database files. The firebird engine should now be up and running and you can connect to it using a client like flamerobin.


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  2. b7726 says:

    I am sitting with a situation that I have to combined (3 years) for 26 site of 29000 database files where there is 1 table in each data base called RECDATA, I need to combined all that data
    Into one database file called RECDATA

    For example there is a database called DB1 with a REDATA table inside it, and then DB2 with a RECDATA table inside it, DB3 with a RECDATA table inside it est.
    So I need to put all the Recdata into 1 Database file, or to copy all the RECDATA from all the database file’s to 1 RECDATA they all have the same columns
    All I need is to get all that data into 1 RECDATA table.

    The program where this database comes from is a voicerecording system creating a new database every day.
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    I will give you a example of the 2 database, I would really appreciate it if you can help me on this one or if you know of somebody that can help me, I have tried everything but a lot of them can only do
    1 at a time.

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