Geomajas back-end, common-GWT and TMS layer releases

New versions of the Geomajas back-end and the common-GWT face have been released today.

Back-end 1.11.0 includes the following major changes:

  • Extra command for geometry operations.
  • Case-insensitive searching on strings.
  • Update to GeoTools 2.7.5.
  • Some usability improvements and bug fixes.

For this release onwards, Geomajas only supports Java 1.6+

Full full list of changes, see issue tracker.

Common-GWT 1.1.0 includes following major changes:

  • Improved login/logout cycle handling.
  • Improved logging.

Full a full list of changes, see issue tracker.

TMS layer 1.0.0

This is the initial release of a new layer to use TMS tiles for a raster layer. You can either configure the tile server directly or simply point to the capabilities file.

New version of geomajas-dep and geomajas-dist (both 1.12.28) to include these new releases have also been published.

See the Geomajas project site.

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