acronym soup

The world of IT is not a simple world to live in. Apart from the technical challenges, there are a lot of TLA and other acronyms you have to know. Of course this is just a plot from the marketing people. They just want to create as much FUD as they can to try to prove their superiority over us, more technically savvy people. More importantly, they hope to bluff their way through the marketing speech, hoping that the potential client will be so impressed by hearing the “words” SOA, SOAP, SLA, SAS, WS, JEE and other acronyms which are hot at that moment. For good measure they will probably throw in some normal words as well, like “governance”, or make a distinction between words which mean the same (like competence and competency).
Does it work? I would hope that a lot of people can see through all the hype and recognize that all in all, not a lot of new stuff has been invented in the IT world in the last 30 years. Not that it we have not made giant leaps in looks and usability, in applications, in making the technology more accessible. But let’s face it, Knuth already discussed most there is to know about algorithms, Tanenbaum is still a reference for networks and operating systems and there are many more examples like this.

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