displaying a data model ontology

Using the “commercial” use of semantics, is is possible in equanda to automatically generate a data model ontology. This is exported as a OWL file.
The main use for this is to generate a graphical representation of the data model. Such an owl file can be displayed in Protégé, which (after enabling the Jambalaya plugin in the project properties tab) can generate a graph like the one below.

jambalaya view of data model ontology an generated by equanda

This exercise has indicated some strange facets of the OWL file format. While you would assume that a triple (A,X,B) and a triple (C,X,D) would result in two arcs, one from A to B and one from C to D. This is not true, it also generates arcs from A to D and from C to B. Apparently you have to assure that the relations have unique names. This does make the relation names which equanda generates less nice, but at least it works.

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