Using cargo to use the latest WildFly container

I am using java8 in this project I am working on. Unfortunately finding a servlet engine which fully works on Java8 is non-trivial. I was originally using Jetty8 (using the maven plug-in), but this throws exceptions when starting. It does not seem to impact the web application, but I would rather be safe than sorry. When migrating to Jetty9 (and loading using cargo as the maven plug-in does not directly support Jetty9) the container does not start at all.

So I tried WildFly. The current WildFly container uses one of the earlier WildFly version (not the current beta1), which is not good enough. Even beta1 needs a patch for java8. So I built a patched zip and tell cargo to use that zip file as application server.

                <cargo.jvmargs>-Denv=test -Dtapestry.execution-mode=development</cargo.jvmargs>
                <pingTimeout>120000</pingTimeout> <!-- 2 min -->

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