equanda-tapestry5, tapestry components easily usable

I have finally made it easy to use the equanda-tapestry5 components. They were already available but required getting the source from svn and compiling. Now you can just download the jar or use the dependency in maven. I have now baked an intermediate version to make it easier to use (without requiring a full equanda release).

These are not components which will make your applications more sexy. For now these are mainly oriented at usability of the tapestry application. More to come later on.

It contains the following components :

  • Accordion :
  • a typical accordion component.

  • Tabs :
  • A Tabs component which integrates nicely with FormTraversal (works perfectly fine without as well).

  • FormTraversal :
  • make the tab and enter keys more consistent, allow submitting default button using and some other nice features.

  • Truncate :
  • shorter a string to something more limited, displaying the full text on mouseover.

  • FormActionLink (and Form) :
  • a form aware version of ActionLink which submits the form so that the state is remembered when you go back.

  • other :
  • there are a few translators (for double which allows both comma and dot as decimal separators) and for timestamp.

More details on the project site.

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