equanda 0.9.1 released

The equanda project has released a new version.

equanda is a an open source framework which allows generation of a base JEE application, including DAO layer and tapestry5 based user interface from a domain model. The DAO layer uses a EJB3 backend with possibility for powerful declarative constraints and added programmatic constraints. The user interface is component based and allows extensive customizations and re-use of components for custom pages. The project also contains a generic reusable set of tapestry components and general utility code.

This is a further step to making it more feature complete, moving towards v1.

Notable changes include :

  • multiple select in generated linklist
  • inline link components which avoid page navigation
  • a Display component which only displays, and does not allow edit is now generated
  • compare constraint for link field which limits the linked records to have the right type
  • accordion component can remember state
  • new ValidationTrackerDelegate component
  • upgrade to tapestry 5.0.14
  • many smaller improvements and bugfixes

Full release notes are here.

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