equanda 0.9.4 released

equanda 0.9.4 has been released.

Full release notes can be found at

The 0.9.4 release was mainly focussed on fixing bugs in the existing functionality.

For tapestry users the most important change is the upgrade to tapestry
This specifically affects the equanda-t5navigation module. If you want to use equanda-t5navigation with tapestry 5.0.18 than 0.9.3 should be used.

The equanda-tapestry5 module contains a new component, “TextAreaAutoExpander”, a textarea which has a automatically changing size depending on the amount of the contents. A demo can be seen at http://app.spoon-it.be/t5example/

equanda is a framework which allows a highly customizable skeleton JEE application to be generated from the domain description. This contains both the persistence layer (EJB3) and web interface (using tapestry5).The domain model allows a lot of details for the application to be included, this way these are considered without requiring code to be written.Both the generated persistence layer and web interface are highly customizable. All changes in the code are maintained when the domain model is modified.The generated web interface has detailed authorization configuration capabilities.


  1. Dongmei Cao says:


    I’m using the equanda/Tabs in the web app I’m developing. It saves lots of time and works great in my deployed app. But I’m getting NPE in my unit testing
    [ERROR] TapestryModule.RequestExceptionHandler Processing of request failed with uncaught exception: java.lang.NullPointerException
    at org.equanda.tapestry5.services.EquandaModule$1.service(EquandaModule.java:83)

    I’m using 0.9.4. Is this fixed in the latest version?

    Thanks for your work!

  2. joachim says:

    0.9.4 is still the latest version.
    I think someone provided a reply to your question in the tapestry mailing lists.

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