PROGS is participating in the INCA-awards.

This requires building a new web site or widget. For this project, we built the base of a collaborative writing site. In a later stage, this should further evolve to something more social, with voting which stories are good, remembering your preferred storylines,…

The idea is to allow groups of people to write stories together. You could consider it as a written variant of improvisation theatre, only with thinking time and the possibility to explore different plots.

You can check it out (for now, only in Dutch) at

The design is quite simple, based on the apple blossoms which are so beautiful at this time of year, with some transparency to let the background shine through.

Technically, the site is built in Java and running on JBoss 4.2. The persistency layer is generated using equanda and the web layer is built using tapestry5.
The display of the stories and choosing the desired storyline uses AJAX, which tapestry supports wonderfully. The ability to update multiple zones at once, the hot reloading, the very clean MVC separation made the site a joy to develop.

Still a lot more to do, but quite happy with the result so far. Fingers crossed for the actual awards, though looking at the competition, it is going to be tough.

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