All the ideas expressed on this site are my own and not those of my contractors.

I am a software development expert with a lot of experience in conceptualization, architecture and development of enterprise software.
It all started when I was approximately 12 years old when we got our first computer. There was one rule, “no games unless you have written them yourself”. A few years later my brother and me were at a fair in London trying to sell our first commercial program “The Painter” for the Sinclair QL. At that time I used assembly language to write software. Many years and a few languages later, I am active in the Java world.

One of my strengths is the ability to grasp problems easily and focusing on details while keeping the big picture in check. I am an open source aficionado and have contributed to many open source projects.

Code quality and maintainability have always interested me. I have a strong interest in doing architecture and code reviews or ad-hoc trouble shooting for Java projects (see Spoon-IT).

The last couple of years I have been active in the GIS world, being part of the team which leads development for the Geomajas open source GIS framework.


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